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Dear Emerson Participant:

It is my hope that this finds each of you well as I know we will find each of you productive and continuing to serve in some part of the vineyard.  I have, over the years, enjoyed a number of emailed discussions with many of you on a wide range of topics that include leadership and management concerns as well as tactical and training issues in the public safety sector. I have never ceased to be amazed when posing a question to a Pat Gallagher, Pete Sarna, Harry Dolan, Brian Crandell, Dave and Betsy Smith, Eric Preddy and so many more who have attended The Emerson over the years, of the depth, quality and intensity of many of the discussions that ensued. Many of those conversations have been lost, embedded deep within a message stream or I’m sure somewhere floating in the ever present “cloud.” Toward that effort we have discussed the possibility of producing an Emerson Blog that would allow a participant to begin a stream of thought that would immediately notify all past Emerson participants with an opportunity to monitor or contribute to the conversation.


Bill Humm, President and founder of Light Heavy Industries, an Emerson participant since the onset,  was kind enough to take on that challenge and has created a website that is easy to use as either a contributor or to simply monitor. If you are receiving this notice you are being invited to participate in either role or both roles.  We will, in time, allow additional individuals to monitor the blog as non-contributors that you can invite as well.

We hope you will choose to participate for each of you, as we say, have proven to be “Emerson Worthy” which I hope does not sound elitist. It simply means we have found you to be sincere of heart with a great deal of depth within your area of expertise that you have been willing to unselfishly share.

Bill Humm will provide information about how to participate and contribute.  We hope to see you on The Emerson Blog in the immediate future.


My best,

Bill Westfall

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